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Monopoly Live Game in Canada

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Monopoly Live Gameplay

The Monopoly Live game takes place in a studio where we can see a sumptuous decor referring to a city as is done with the original game. Evolution Gaming has put everything in place to immerse players in an immersive atmosphere. The game is filmed and broadcast live with an animator at its center. The developer has even thought of introducing the character of Mr Monopoly in 3D who is on the left of the screen drinking a coffee or reading the newspaper. In the center of the decor, there is a wheel that the animator will turn at each game.

Each player must start the game by placing a bet before the end of the count that is displayed on the screen. The betting options are displayed at the bottom center of the screen and it is up to you to choose the boxes on which you will bet. You can bet on six betting possibilities. The numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 constitute classic bets with multiplier equivalent to the number they represent respectively. For example, by betting on the number 5, in case of winning, you win your initial bet multiplied by 5. The other two betting possibilities are bonus games.

To play on the bonus segments, you must bet on 2 rolls or 4 rolls or on both at the same time. When the wheel falls on this result, you will be redirected to a new Monopoly board in 3D. There is the traditional decoration of the board game with hotels, public services, free parking and houses that each have a price referring to their particular multiplier. These prices may change as new properties are built. Each turn, Mr Monopoly moves on the board according to the cumulative number of dice. At the end of the bonus game, the prizes are returned to the player.

On the wheel, you may also come across the "Chance" box which is not a betting option. In this case, Mr Monopoly presents a card to the player to signify a random prize that he has won. It can be a multiplier or cash money.

The bonus game of the Monopoly Live Game

The bonus game part on Monopoly live is another universe that transports the player into an epic experience. In reality, the bonus game of Monopoly live is like the board game because it takes all its codes :

  • It takes place on a 3D board built like that of the original game
  • There are houses, hotels, a prison, streets as well as the train.
  • The walk through the gates has been reproduced and it is Mr Monopoly who takes care of it.

To trigger the bonus game, the player must bet and win on the sectors marked "2 Rolls" and "4 Rolls". Those who have not bet on these boxes are not eligible to play this game but can enjoy the show. You should know that each box gives respectively the number of dice rolls that it mentions, so 2 and 4 rolls. The course of the bonus game is similar to the board game. Mr Monopoly moves according to the number that is displayed after each roll of the dice. It collects the prizes that the players win during this bonus game to make them available to them at the end of the game.

Each property, parking, public service and hotel has an initial price. As soon as the bonus part is triggered, other houses and hotels will be built over time with the consequence of increasing their prices. This means that the more you enter the bonus game, the more chances you will have to land big wins.

The balance of the winnings is available in the "Bonus Winnings" section which is located on the interface. The bonus game ends once the roll of the dice is completed. You will receive your winnings and the initial bet at that time. Then the interface will take you back to the main game to continue the game.

It should be noted that the bonus game has a RTP different from the overall payout rate. For example, the bonus game "2 Rolls" has a payout ratio of 93.90% while that of the bonus "4 Rolls" is 93.67%. Also, the volatility of these bonus games is lower than that of the main game.

Exclusive live bonus

The Monopoly live game offers an exclusive bonus to its players frequently. It is very likely that the wheel stops on the "2 Rolls" square that we find 3 times and on the "4 Rolls" squares. Only those who have bet on one of these squares have access to the bonus round when the wheel stops on it. The other players are just spectators of what is happening and do not have the opportunity to win bonuses.

The only bonus granted by the game to players without the need to bet on its square is the "Chance" segment. It intervenes when the wheel stops on this square and allows the lucky ones to benefit from a surprise prize. Contrary to what one might think, exclusive bonuses appear regularly on the game. This is done with the aim of giving players the opportunity to make the most of the special prizes.

3D bonus round

When you bet on one of the bonus boxes namely "2 Rolls" and "4 Rolls", the wheel must still stop on it. At this moment, Mr Monopoly gets up and leads the lucky players to a special board that closely resembles the board game. It is he who is in charge of the animation of this bonus part. He takes charge of rolling the dice and counting the points. If you bet on "2 Rolls", Mr Monopoly will make two rolls, on the other hand if you bet on "4 Rolls", he will make four rolls.

He moves after the count of each roll of dice on the board by adding up the numbers of the two dice. By the way, Mr Monopoly collects bonuses that will come back to you. At the end of the bonus round, the collected prizes are credited to the player's account.

Exclusive real-time strategy

There are some who think that there are strategies to win every time and regularly at Monopoly live casino. However, this is impossible because it is a game based on chance and luck. On the other hand, some strategies will allow you to boost your chances of winning more often when you play.

A simple strategy is to bet on the "Rolls" segments that lead you to a bonus game. With this strategy, you have to rely on the bonus part in order to win the maximum winnings in one game. In reality, you will be able to recover in a single game won with this strategy. It is a risky strategy but the probability of triggering a bonus game is not that tiny. Indeed, the wheel has 54 segments in all, among which there are 4 "Rolls" segments. The jackpot is likely to fall with each spin of the wheel.

Other strategies can help you achieve your goals :

Martingale: This strategy is well known in the casino industry. This is also the most lucrative strategy that you can use for the Monopoly live game. Indeed, thanks to it, you can collect many cash prizes. Choose the number on which you are going to bet well and double the bet each time you lose. When you finally get a winning spin, you will have both recovered all the losses in a single spin and bailed out your coffers.

Betting on the number 2 and 2 Rolls: as the name suggests, this strategy consists of betting on the number 2 and on the 2 different "Rolls" segments. This method is based on the fact that number 2 has a high success rate and the Rolls segments allows you to take advantage of the bonuses. You thus put all the chances on your side to record big winnings.

Betting on the number 10 and the "Rolls" segments: this technique is suitable for people who are not cold-hearted and who are aiming for big winnings. Whether on the number 10 or on one of the "Rolls" sections, you can quickly make your winnings jump.

Bet on number 1 and "Rolls": number 1 is the one with the most squares on the wheel. It is very likely to stumble upon this number. By also betting on the bonus segments, you put the odds on your side to record big wins. This is a method that is suitable for those who play it safe.

Live Monopoly Odds and RTP

Monopoly live does not have the same payout rate for all its boxes. In total, there are 54 segments, each of which includes a mention of their redistribution rate. The boxes bearing the number 1 are 22 in number and their RTP is 92.88%. The number 2 is visible on 15 segments of the wheel with a redistribution rate of 96.23%. For number 5, there are 7 segments with an RTP of 91.30%. The boxes bearing the number 10 are 4 in number and their RTP is 96.02%.

The bonus segments "2 Rolls" and "4 Rolls" are respectively 3 and one on the wheel. For the first, the redistribution rate is 93.90% while for the second, the RTP is 93.67%.

As for the payout ratio, the odds of the segments of the live Monopoly wheel are not the same. Each segment multiplies the initial bet up to its nominal value to give the win. As a result, box number 5 multiplies the bet by 5. However, this principle does not apply during bonus games because the player has a greater chance of winning many prizes. If you are lucky enough, you can win up to 1 million CAD on this game.

Graphics of the slot machine and soundtrack of the game

The Monopoly live game is impressive for its visual quality and sound performance. The developer has put all the ingredients to immerse the player in an immersive and playful environment. This game transcribes reality well in its studio by combining it with the virtual thanks to its 3D animations. The highlight of the show comes when the bonus part is triggered.

The Mr Monopoly man has been designed with 3D technology respecting the image he has in the board game. He has a mustache, a black hat as well as a cane and he moves on the board. This character plays the role of pawn at this point in the game. The soundtracks that accompany the game invite you to go on an adventure in a rhythmic and catchy atmosphere. Everything has been thought out to give the player the impression that he is in a parallel reality.

Monopoly Live on mobile

Monopoly live is a recent game, so it integrates the codes of modernity that dominate the online gaming industry. Thus, you can find your entertainment on all media, namely computer, phone and tablet. It should be noted that it is not possible to download the application on your media. However, the software has been configured to be compatible with all screen types. As a result, you will be able to access the website of your mobile casino offering Monopoly live and enjoy your game easily.


The Monopoly live is a creation of Evolution Gaming which has taken over the famous concept of the Hasbro company. Its design, graphics and animation create nostalgia among those who remember the game of Monopoly in their childhood. In addition, the interface and the game process are accessible to everyone. It is enough to choose a segment on which to bet and validate the round. Several strategies exist to give players a better chance of winning at Monopoly live.

However, the best way to save huge winnings is to bet on bonuses. The bonus games are very lucrative and have an interesting RTP. In addition, the accessibility of this game allows you to play both on your computer and on your mobile.


  • 🍁 Which are the best online casinos to play Monopoly on the Internet?
    You can find Monopoly live on the best online casinos such as Cresus, Lucky31, or even Dublinbet. Refer to our recommendations to find a safe and reliable casino.
  • 🍁 Is it possible to play Monopoly Live with friends?
    Multiplayer mode is not available on Monopoly live. Each player plays solo on his live account and finds himself face to face with the host.
  • 🍁 This Monopoly game is available 24/24 and 7/7?
    The game is available every day at all hours without any interruption.
  • 🍁 Why is Monopoly Live one of the best Evolution games?
    This live Monopoly game is easy to learn and user-friendly. It provides players with a magnificent experience without the requirement of having a minimum of required knowledge.