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The Crazy Time game in Canada

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Crazy Time Casinos in Canada

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How to play the Crazy Time Casino game

Crazy Time is not just a classic game of chance as we see online every day. It is modeled on the famous show The Wheel of Fortune and presents itself as a game show for live casino. On a board, an animator plays the role of croupier by taking care of a wheel with 54 sectors. The wheel is positioned vertically and has markings on each sector. Here, no need to involve technology because the wheel is manual.

The principle of the game is simple: when the animator turns the wheel, the player must guess on which sector it will stop. It is therefore a game exclusively based on luck and chance.

We can summarize the game rules of Crazy Time in a few points :

  • The 54 sectors of roulette are divided into 8 groups in which we find mini-games (cash Hunt, Crazy Time...) and gain multipliers (x2, x5, x10).
  • You can bet on a single cell, a few or even on all cells. For those who bet on several cells, you can change the configuration of your bet depending on the cell.
  • Players must indicate their bets to the dealer before the latter rolls the wheel.
  • When the wheel is engaged, the video slot machine starts up too. It randomly assigns a multiplier to a sector of the wheel when both correspond to the end of the spin. On the other hand, if the multiplier does not match with a sector, the round is played without bonus.
  • The players win when the wheel stops on the sector they have chosen.

This game does not have a free demo version. It is a real money game that requires you to bet money to participate. However, players can take the time to analyze the progress of the game via the upper right corner of the screen. It so happens that the developer has planned the display of the history of the sectors to allow the participants to observe a few games before launching definitively.

Graphic features of the Crazy Time game

The concept of Crazy Time marks the minds of the players as soon as they arrive on the platform. The main interface of the game presents a live broadcast in which a presenter is in charge of the animation of the games. It is she who plays the role of croupier and is in charge of recording the bets as well as operating the wheel.

The tension is palpable because the game takes place in a real carnival atmosphere as we can see in the studio in a real TV show. The developer has put the necessary means so that the gaming experience is improved. The decor is very colorful, giving a very lively expression to the show. Players have the opportunity to choose between 8 slots to deposit their bets on the bottom of the screen. It is also possible to chat with the host and other players via the live chat which is located on the screen at the top left. We can see that the developer did not want to overload the interface to make room for the game.

How to Win at Crazy Time

The Crazy Time game has the same operation as the wheel of fortune. You have to bet on a segment and when the needle stops on it, you win a sum proportional to your bet. On its 54 segments, the game offers 4 classic bets and 4 special features. To win at simple bets, it is necessary that :

  • The needle stops on number 1 to allow you to win double your bet. There are 21 segments with the number 1.
  • The needle stops on the number 2 allowing to win the triple of the bet. There are 13 segments with the number 2.
  • The wheel stops on the number 5 to see the bet multiply by 5. There are 7 boxes bearing the number 5.
  • The wheel stops on the number 10 for the bet to be multiplied by 10. There are 4 boxes with the number 10 on the wheel.

Apart from the classic bets, you can win a bonus if you come across the 4 bonuses that Crazy Time offers. These are the Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time bonuses.

How to optimize your chances of winning

As in all online casino games, it is possible to set up strategies to boost your winning abilities. By applying certain strategies, you give yourself a better chance of winning regular and higher winnings.

Limit your losses : the first strategy is to limit the losses to the maximum in order to give yourself more chances to enjoy the game longer. This way of betting requires balancing your bets by betting on both the four bonuses, the numbers 2, 5 and 10. By betting in a balanced way on these different squares at the same time, you have the chance to recover your bets if one of the bets is a winner. With a good balance, you will be able to move forward serenely and then take the risk of doubling your bets to record larger winnings. Finally, this technique facilitates the introduction of the martingale strategy. Indeed, you can double your bet every time you lose until the bet is a winner.

Betting on the number 2 : a theory exists that you have a lot of chances to have a winning bet by betting on the number 2. This reflection is based on the statistics according to which it is the most present box on the table. It is therefore likely that the wheel stops very often on this square although there is also a good presence of the numbers 1, 5 and 10. If you bet on the bonus games, you will have a better chance of winning interesting sums.

Relying on mathematics : this method consists of looking for the number that has the highest probability of appearing in the game. By doing the calculation, we can understand the probability that each box will appear.

  • The number 1 corresponds to 37.01%.
  • Box 2 happens in 25.91% of cases
  • The number 5 appears 13.00% times.
  • The probability of the 10 is 7.4%.
  • The Coin Flip bonus drops 7.4% times.
  • The probability that the Cash Hunt will appear is 3.7%.
  • The Pachinko can fall 3.7% times.
  • The Crazy Time bonus falls 1.85% of the cases.

Crazy Time payment speed

Crazy Time has a payout ratio of 95.5% in general. However, each type of bet has a particular payout rate. This means that you must read it before choosing how to place your bets.

For classic bets and classified from the smallest to the largest, the rates are as follows :

  • Segment with a 10 : RTP of 95.73%
  • Segment with a 5 : RTP of 95.78%
  • Segment with a 2 : RTP of 95.95%
  • Segment with a 1 : RTP of 96.08%

For special bets and classified from the smallest to the largest, the rates are as follows :

  • Pachinko : RTP of 94.33%
  • Crazy Time : RTP of 94.41%
  • Cash Hunt : RTP of 95.27%
  • Coin Flip : RTP of 95.70%.

The bonuses on Crazy Time

Apart from the top slot which allows you to win a multiplier, there are four types of bonuses on Crazy Time and each is likely to appear during a game. Only, the frequency is not the same depending on whether it is a bonus or another.


The pachinko is one of the mini-games included in the Crazy Time. It is a famous game in Japan that takes its inspiration from the slot machine and includes pinball principles. In the Crazy Time game, when you come across the Pachinko, you will know it by the change that takes place on the screen. Indeed, you will see a wall displayed with several pegs and 16 values on the bottom of the screen. The latter all represent a multiplier.

As a mini-game, the pachinko allows you to play one part to try to get the maximum possible bonus. Thus, the dealer will throw the ball on the interface so that it lands on one of the values located at the bottom of the screen. Depending on where the ball lands, you receive a win of up to x50 your bet.

Cash Hunt

As the name suggests, Cash Hunt is a mini-shooting game that allows you to earn bonuses. To go hunting for money, you have to choose from 108 cells with random multipliers. It is necessary to make the best choice within an allotted time until the signal is heard. Depending on the cells chosen, you benefit from a multiplier ranging from x7 to x50.

Coin Flip

The Coin Flip mini-game is similar to a coin game like the traditional coin flip. It consists of finding the right side of the coin that will be displayed at each turn. When the dealer throws the colored token after saving your choice, you will know if you have won or lost. The amount of the win is determined by the win multiplier that is displayed on the interface at each game. The colored token has 2 sides on which a multiplier rate is randomly assigned. This rate can vary between x2 and x100 depending on the rounds.

Crazy Time

When the dealer turns the wheel and it stops on the Crazy Time square, the latter changes pieces. He goes to a new room where there is a larger wheel. Above this wheel are three marks and it is up to the player to choose only one. On the giant wheel, there are 64 slices, each with a number.

Each round, the player must seek to obtain a new multiplier to increase his prize pool. This bonus offers the possibility of winning up to 20,000 times your starting bet.

Crazy Time Free Casino: Mobile Version

The future of gambling is written on mobile and the developers have understood it well. Evolution Gaming, which is the publisher of the Crazy Time game, has designed a responsive platform that is compatible on different media. Thus, you can find your live game of TV show both on computer, tablet and phone.

This is possible thanks to the HTML5 technology which rationalizes the display of the interface on all formats. Several games in the online casino industry are downloadable on Android and iOS mobile. These applications work like all normal applications and have the same characteristics as the official website. On the other hand, Crazy Time is not available for download.

In reality, you don't need to download an app on your smartphone to be able to play as it should. Just log in via the browser on the online platform and access the game. Crazy Time is available for free on flash mode via your mobile casino on computer, tablet and smartphone. This does not change anything because the interface will adapt to the size of your screen and you will be able to find all the features on all media.


  • 🍁 Can I play Crazy Time in Canada?
    Of course. The Crazy Time game is available in the best online casinos in Canada. Select the casino you want to play at and get started.
  • 🍁 What is the RTP of Crazy Time?
    The payout ratio of Crazy Time is generally 95.5%. However, each type of bet has a particular rate. The rate of classic bets range from 95.73% to 96.08% while special bets vary between 94.33% and 95.70%.
  • 🍁 What is the maximum gain?
    Crazy Time allows players to record large winnings in proportion to their bets. One of the biggest winners pocketed €250,000 on the wheel of fortune.
  • 🍁 How much can you earn on Crazy Time?
    The highest payout that a person can receive on Crazy Time is to have a bet multiplied 20,000 times. To get it, you must have the chance to stumble upon the Crazy Time bonus which has Double/Triple functions.