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Online casino Quebec

Top 3 Casinos to play for real money

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The casinos of Quebec in Canada

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7BitCasino Welcome bonus C$400
Lucky31 Welcome bonus $225 + 31 TG
Oshi Welcome bonus 100% up to 150% + 180 FS
Wazamba Welcome bonus €500 + 200 FS
Hell Spin
Hell Spin Welcome bonus C$1200 + 150 TG
Tortuga Casino
Tortuga Casino Welcome bonus 110% up to €110
Number of casinos 40+
Best Quebec Casino Casino Action
Casino bonuses C$1250

🧾 Legality of Online Casinos in Quebec: What does the law say?

The question of the legality of online casinos is returning more and more to the center of the topics of many bettors. It's nice to bet on an online casino, but it's even more exciting when it complies with all the legal provisions. It is now the responsibility of bettors to verify the legitimacy of the online casino platforms on which they engage. The promoters have on this date, the necessary facilities to be in good standing with the administration.

The Online Casino, an activity now legal and regulated in Quebec

Before the year 2010, there were no special conditions that could govern the operation of casinos in Quebec. The players feared all the questions of insecurity, in particular the scam, but above all an insecure framework for the circulation of funds. Quebec has thus distinguished itself as being the first city to propose a legal status to casinos.

What does the law provide for online casinos in Quebec?

The law provides :

  • The companies that operate the casinos must establish and make available to its public, rules that frame and guide those who visit the casino.
  • Customers are held to the minimum bet quota set by the casino.
  • Customers must place their bets with Canadian currency, coupons, tokens or any other objects provided for by the regulations of slot machines. It is not allowed to make bets on words or with promises.
  • No credit, in any form whatsoever, can be granted by the Company.

The legal provisions relating to online casino games in Quebec are imposed on the casinos of the region, but are also similar to the provisions of other regions. They are as valid for the bettors as for the casinos themselves.

💼 How to choose the best online casino in Quebec?

Choosing the best casino in Quebec is not an easy task to do. The choice takes into account a wide variety of data, from the most important to the banal. Once they start going to the casino, the players are without limit and without preference. They are few to mark a moment to choose or observe the selection criteria of the ideal casino, however, they have criteria of choice at hand. Opting for a particular casino should not be a trivial choice, players should appreciate the ergonomics of the platform, the offer, the games offered and many others. The rush is not the only cause of the bad choices that often occur, the offer of the casinos is also a major factor. Online betting platforms want to be more and more attractive, with offers that change every day. This jam and these excesses tend to throw punters into confusion. Here are some important factors to observe when you want to have the best online casino in Quebec.

Choosing the best online casino in Quebec based on security and trust

Security or trust is one of the factors that bettors should observe with the most attention. More than 40% of online casino losses are based on security and trust. It is necessary to ensure that the platform on which you invest guarantees a minimum of security. Recognizing a trusted online casino is not always complicated, sometimes it is enough to look at the number of visitors to the platform. You can start by choosing the most popular platform to start making winnings in the online casino in Quebec. Trusted platforms are always the most visited.

Best choice of online casino according to the games offered

A customer can choose a casino because of a particular game or an offer of several. The choice that a customer makes in particular on a casino can be based on the quality or quantity of the games that the latter puts online. Customers are more and more greedy and sometimes constantly looking for new things. Others, on the other hand, seek to perpetuate an experience by always targeting a specific game. It is therefore necessary to structure your needs well before starting to look for the best online casino.

Choosing an online casino based on the mobile version

Quebec casinos also take care of putting the best mobile applications online. The mobile application here refers to the user space, the graphical interface or the ergonomics on the platform. The mobile version of a Quebec online casino is to be considered. More than just a bet, going to the casino should also be a part of fun. Customers often make a choice by taking into account their well-being on the platform. To have fully grasped this need, betting companies are putting a special emphasis on the mobile version of their casino.

Choosing an online casino based on customer service

You should always choose an online casino that offers you the best customer support experience. It is the customer service that reassures the customer, makes him understand that there is always someone at the end of the line regardless of the problem. It's a natural feeling, always opt for an online casino that offers you the best customer service experience. Fortunately, online casino platforms in Quebec make a point of honor on the quality of the service offered. They use it as a marketing tool, and it works pretty well.

🎲 What are the best online casino games in Quebec


Roulette is undoubtedly one of the best online casino games in Canada. Who wouldn't want to play the famous roulette or the wheel of fortune as others call it? For novices, this is a game whose bets are based on the choice of numbers and colors. As the name suggests, this is one of the best games to make a fortune.


Blackjack is the most popular casino game on the planet, and therefore in Quebec. It is a game that is perfectly suitable for fans of statistics and probability. You can have fun counting cards while making money on blackjack. This game has several versions, and you will certainly find the best version in a Quebec casino.

The slot machines

Slot machines are also part of online casino games in Quebec. It is also one of the most popular online games that you will be able to play in Quebec. The principle is simple, spontaneously align the three figures. The slot machines are solicited because of the high probabilities of winnings that it offers. Customers also go there for fun.

🕹️ More games, more fun

Apart from what we mentioned above, there are many other varieties. You can choose from new products, sports games, table games, sports betting, virtual games such as Esports or fantasy leagues. To be among the best casinos, you also have to dominate in numbers. The more games you have to offer, the more interesting you are. Each variety of games should have several machines available to satisfy the demand for online casino games in Quebec. The number of players per session is quite large. It is necessary to have as much as possible to satisfy customer demand. You must be able to explore all the specialties when you get started in online casinos. No need to abstain, you will find something for everyone. The casino is the ideal destination to discover games, you will find games that you didn't even know existed yet.

🎁 Online casinos in Quebec: what bonuses, what winnings?

If there is one thing that differentiates Quebec casinos from other casinos in the world, it is the bonuses and winnings. You can start by comparing the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is the bonus that is offered to you when you register on the platform. This bonus helps you to do the tests, to see the features of the platform and others. The welcome bonus can also be based on the first deposit, to encourage the customer to make a first payment. The winnings that you can get from the welcome bonus are not necessarily exploitable. Some Quebec online casinos grant you a bonus by defining a duration of use. If after this period you have not exploited it, you simply lose it.

Do not confuse land-based casinos and online casinos

When we talk about winnings and bonuses, we must clearly distinguish between land-based casinos and online casinos. You cannot enter a casino in Quebec and receive bonus money. Bonuses are offered only on online accounts and can only be used on the latter. Online casinos can help you take advantage of these bonuses before you start making your first winnings.

Promotions at Online Casinos in Quebec

Online casinos in Quebec constantly make promotions to attract and keep customers active. It can be a promotion on the next deposit, the invitation to bet on probable bets, bonuses granted on specific days, or contests and lotteries. You will constantly receive SMS messages about new available offers or casino promotions. You must then stay attentive to take advantage of the latest offers and the latest promotions from online casinos. Promotions can also be based on interesting new products that the casino would like you to discover. Online casinos in Quebec do not fail to make unique promotional offers to continue to attract customers.

🏟️ Best casinos based in Quebec

Choosing the best online casino in Quebec should not be a concern, due to the wide variety of casinos available. Making a choice on the other hand should not be an easy task to make, because then you will have to distinguish between the available products, bonuses and promotions, etc. If we go on the basis that the best casino only takes into account the criteria mentioned above, then you will have an embarrassment of choices. To date, several casinos open in Quebec open their doors to you with unique offers each other.

Among the best online casinos in Quebec, we can mention :

  • Jackpot City : this casino offers more than 400 games and today presents itself as the most prestigious and the most coveted among online casinos in Quebec.
  • Espacejeux.com : this is the only casino that for sure, will never go bankrupt, and therefore will always pay customers' winnings. The platform also guarantees the security of your funds. So you can venture there in complete safety.
  • Royal Vegas : if you are a bonus hunter, then Royal Vegas is for you. This casino offers 100% bonus on your first deposits. This casino also stands out with a wide selection of entertainment that it offers to its customers.

🏺 History: When were the casino games in Quebec

The casino in Canada is not new, but the legal regulation provisions in Quebec are quite recent. Today, users have the casino from their bed and at their fingertips, but after a very long history. Everyone can venture there today thanks to the internet revolution. This game which used to be reserved for a small majority has been popularized and is today the object of the passion of many. Tournaments are now organized around the tables, involving thousands of users around the world, and in particular in Quebec. Professional players are stars today, and some enthusiasts make the trip only to see them at work. Games such as poker, for example, are among the games that attract not only the days in Quebec casinos, but also spectators and novices. There are thousands of them today who place poker or blackjack at the center of their entertainment choice. If the thing seems quite widespread today in the Quebec region, this is not the case even 10 years ago only. The online casino in Quebec has a lot


  • 🍁 Which is the best online casino in Quebec?
    Jackpot City is the reference online casino today. However, it is always difficult to talk about the best online casino in Quebec, because the objectives and the offers are practically the same.

  • 🍁 Can we play for free at online casinos in Quebec?
    Some online casinos offer bonuses of up to 100% of the deposit. This is quite enough to bet without touching your own funds.
  • 🍁 Is it Legal to Bet at the Casino in Quebec?
    The Casino in Quebec is now legalized and meets the standards of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Players can therefore bet on it legally.
  • 🍁 What is the most popular casino game in Quebec?
    Blackjack is without equal the most popular casino game in Quebec and all over the world. This is the first game that comes to mind, even for novices.