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Real money online blackjack

Top 3 Casinos to play for real money

250% up to 2500 CAD + 250 TG
200% up to 1000 CAD + 150 TG

The best BlackJack online casinos

Zoom Welcome bonus 250% up to 2500 CAD + 250 TG
Oxi.casino Welcome bonus 200% up to 1000 CAD + 150 TG
7BitCasino Welcome bonus C$400
Lucky31 Welcome bonus $225 + 31 TG
Oshi Welcome bonus 100% up to 150% + 180 FS
Wazamba Welcome bonus €500 + 200 FS
Hell Spin
Hell Spin Welcome bonus C$1200 + 150 TG
Tortuga Casino
Tortuga Casino Welcome bonus 110% up to €110

How to choose a safe BlackJack casino?

If you want to play BlackJack online for real money, the only solution is the real money casino . There are tons of them on the web, and that's exactly what's the problem. The incredible diversity of Canadian casinos is home to some platforms that are real scams. When you don't pay enough attention, you may come across one of these sites that will only bring you frustration. That said, you are called upon to choose a safe casino, from which you will be able to have the online BlackJack game without running any risk. So how do you spot a good BlackJack casino in a horde of malicious platforms? The answer is simple, but difficult to apply: you must thoroughly test each platform before registering on it. To make it easier for you, we present to you the characteristics of a quality online gambling site. You will only have to make sure that your favorite casino meets all these criteria before playing there.

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BlackJack casinos in Canada

Canada is full of several online platforms on which you can find all your favorite attractions. In the selection below, we ignore the low-performing sites. We present you only the best online Casinos in Canada, where you can play BlackJack for real money.

  • Jackpot city : It is the first choice in terms of online casino in Canada. This platform fulfills all the criteria mentioned above. The first thing we notice about this casino is its welcome bonus. Here, you have a 100% bonus of up to $400 Canadian on your first 4 deposits. That is to say, for a deposit of $200, you receive an additional $200 for your first deposit for free. On the other hand, if you deposit $600, you only get a $400 bonus. The accumulation of the sums on your first 4 transactions will make you a maximum of $ 1600. This is more than enough to play real money BlackJack.
  • Playamo : if you want to use digital currencies to play BlackJack, you have come to the right address. Playamo is one of those Bitcoin casinos that easily handles crypto and national currencies. This casino ensures the entertainment of its customers, by organizing exclusive tournaments every weekend. The Playamo platform is available on PC and all kinds of mobile devices. As for his bonuses, there are plenty of them. The site offers $1500 to all new players, and that's not all. You will also be entitled to 150 free spins to use on BlackJack or another online attraction.
  • Ruby fortune : Legalized by the Malta Gaming Authority, Ruby fortune is an excellent online casino to play real money BlackJack. It has a very good redistribution rate of more than 95%. This means that you can make your games on this site more profitable. The welcome bonus of the platform amounts to $750 dollars. In addition, you also benefit from the gifts resulting from loyalty promotions. With a little luck, you can win the Progressive Jackpot of Ruby fortune whose planché is set at $ 25,000. If you achieve this feat, the platform rewards you more by adding $1000 to your win.
  • Spin palace : The main strengths of this online casino are an efficient customer service, and varied games of high quality. Its 97% refund rate is also proof of the nice surprises it has in store for you. By registering on Spin palace you are entitled to all its advantages, including a welcome bonus offer capped at $1000. This new player promotion is distributed respectively over your first 3 deposits as follows : 100%, 25%, 50%. With this free money, you can start discovering the functions of the site, and of course try your luck at BlackJack with real chips.
  • Zodiac Casino : this gambling site is 100% reliable, which is why it is included in our selection of the best BlackJack casinos in Canada. Zodiac casino offers you a variety of real money BlackJack games, and for your first free steps, you are entitled to $480 welcome bonus.

The main rules in online BlackJack

Now you know which casinos you can play BlackJack online for real money at. First of all, you need to revise your basics. If you don't know the rules of the game, or have simply forgotten, you will lose money for sure. To help you, here are the main terms and rules you need to know to play BlackJack online :

  • The elements of the game : Blackjack is played with 6 decks of 52 cards that are shuffled. The BlackJack table admits 7 squares which correspond to the number of participants allowed to face the dealer.
  • The course of the game : At the beginning, the dealer excludes 5 cards from the game. During this time, you place your bet on one of the 7 squares of the BlackJack table. The dealer then draws a revealed card for him, and for you. He draws a card again, which he reveals to you. The dealer announces the value of your hand, taking into account the rules of card counting. These stipulate that cards with faces are worth 10 points, Aces are worth 1 or 11 points depending on your choice, single cards have the value they represent (from 2 to 10). Satisfied with the values of your cards, you can choose to stay on your positions by clicking on REST or Stand. If you are not satisfied, click on MAP or Hit. The dealer gives you back a card, and if you are still not satisfied, ask for more. After that, the dealer draws a new card (hole card) for him, until he reaches at least 17. The winner is determined by counting the cards. The one who has a higher amount without exceeding 21 wins. In case of an even hand, you resume your bet, and we start over. Moreover, if you have an Ace and a face (figure) during the initial split, you automatically win.
  • The possible actions : you can double down the bet if you total 9, 10, or 11 points. To protect yourself from a possible blackjack from the dealer, deposit a bet equal to half of your initial bet (insurance), or give up by an early surrender. You can split your hand if the first two cards are identical (Split).

The most useful tips for online blackjack

Knowing the rules is not enough to become a champion in real money online BlackJack. The game itself is quite unpredictable, and volatile. After all, nothing strange since it is a game of chance. To put all the chances on your side, you need to learn a few tricks. Here are the techniques to implement so as not to always end up losing after each game :

  • Set the game limits : very often players get carried away when they string together wins in BlackJack. It may happen that you win several rounds, and then you only lose. In the desire to get back into the game, you will be tempted to bet even more. In case of bad luck, your entire budget can go through it. We must not follow this example. You have to be reasonable, and play responsibly. BlackJack is above all an entertainment, so don't bother betting everything. It is better to set a bet ceiling to avoid ending up on the straw.
  • Take advantage of the bonuses of BlackJac casinos k: Don't miss any opportunity to play BlackJack without spending anything. First of all, register on the sites that distribute the most gifts. In this way, even in case of loss, a bonus can save your life. Participate in all loyalty programs to receive more bonus money. Stay tuned for all the temporary promotional events to make the most of real money online BlackJack slots.
  • Do not take the insurance : If during the initial split, the dealer draws his first card and reveals an Ace, the fear that he will perform a natural BlackJack can make you make a bad decision. It is especially not necessary to take the insurance, because it would only make the affairs of the casinotier better. It is better to let the game decide the outcome of the game.

Bonuses for online BlackJack

The interesting thing about online BlackJack for real money is that there are plenty of gifts to take away. Indeed, the best online casinos Canada which house the BlackJack games are of the generous kind. One thing is for sure, is that the same cannot be said for physical casinos. In terms of promotions, virtual platforms are clearly at the next level. As proof, we present to you the main bonuses and promotions to which you will be entitled on a real money online BlackJack casino.

  • The first deposit bonus : this is the most widespread form of bonus in the online gaming universe. This type of bonus is also considered as a criterion for recognizing a good casino. This is an offer that applies to all new players on the site. So, by simply registering, you are eligible for this promotion. It usually consists of giving you free money based on your deposit. The more generous platforms give you a 100% deposit bonus, but impose a ceiling. In this case, if you deposit $100, your bonus will be the equivalent of this amount. Other casinos offer refund deposit bonuses. Thus, when you lose your first deposit in BlackJack, you are refunded in full.
  • The no deposit bonus : Some casinos go further in the distribution of gifts, and do not impose any expenses on you. These 100% free BlackJack bonuses are called no deposit bonuses. With this promotion, you receive free money, which you can use to play online BlackJack for real money.
  • The other promotions : apart from these bonuses, some gambling sites organize loyalty programs. The principle is to play your favorite game to the fullest, and score points. These points can be exchanged for special bonuses.

The versions of BlackJack online

There are several versions of real money BlackJack games. By registering on the best gambling sites, you can easily have access to all variants of BlackJack. Even if these different versions have their particularities, they all respond to the same principle of play. However, you still need to determine the type of BlackJack that suits you. For this, it is necessary to study all its variants. Here are the different types of online BlackJack that exist :

The classic BlackJack

If you have watched some casino-inspired films, or if you have been a little interested in the middle, you certainly know the classic BlackJack. This is the most authentic version of the game, and the easiest to play. This version, like all the others by the way, is disputed between the bank, represented by the dealer. The game rules stated above in this study refer precisely to classic BlackJack. As a reminder, the objective of the game is to beat the dealer by displaying a hand higher than his own, without exceeding 21.

In the course of the game, the dealer deals you an uncovered card and draws one for him. He pulls out a second card for you. Knowing the value of your hand, you can choose to stay in the game, give up, or ask for another side. After your decision, the dealer will draw his second card, and we can proceed to counting the points. You can beat him either by a natural BlackJack, or by the superiority of your hand with a limit of 21. If you are tied, the dealer returns your bet, and you can start a new game, or even abandon the game.

The European BlackJack

Without a doubt, this is the most popular BlackJack variant in the world. Millions of players prefer to play it rather than another version. You too need to learn how to play this variety of real money online BlackJack. American BlackJack resembles the classic model in many ways. The goal is the same, but the rules vary slightly. Here, during the initial split, the dealer does not have the right to reveal his first card, until the final decision. It is only during the counting that he will present his card to you. Of course, if his amount is higher than yours without exceeding 21, he wins the game. To the same extent, if he lines up an ace and a figure, he is the winner.

The advantageous thing about European BlackJack is that you receive your cards face up. This allows you to adapt your strategy according to your hand. It is thus easier to make a decision when it is necessary to double, or to carry out another action of the game.

A rule that may seem disadvantageous, the dealer is forced to draw an additional card when the value of his hand is 21. This then gives him the opportunity to beat you, if your hand is lower after his draw. It should also be clarified that in European BlackJack, we do not defy ourselves, because abandonment is not allowed there.

The Atlantic city BlackJack

In this variant of the game, the ace is worth 1 point or 11, depending on what you decide. The figures make 10, and the simple cards count the points they display. In short, Atlantic city BlackJack resembles the classic version line for line, but varies in some details. The difference here is that the dealer has the obligation to stand at soft 17. On the player side, you have the possibility of doubling after a split. Atlantic City BlackJack therefore corresponds to all classic BlackJack players whose operation posed some problems. This version is also very popular, and available on online casinos in Canada.

Vegas strip BlackJack

This is the American version of Atlantic city BlackJack. It is also the version of BlackJack online game most played in virtual casinos in recent years. A game of Vegas Strip Blackjack is played with 4 decks of 52 cards. In accordance with the classic version, you have the option of taking insurance (which is also not advisable) if you have the impression that the dealer is going to play blackjack (insofar as his first card is an ace for example). The difference here is that you don't just have to bet half to place the insurance, but an amount equivalent to your entire initial bet. If the dealer does not perform a natural BlackJack, you receive your bet.

Vegas Strip Blackjack forces the dealer to settle for only 17 points. Which means that it will not be able to exceed 21, and this may also work in your favor. Indeed, it is easier to adjust your hand when you know the dealer's limits. Thus, you win the game, if your hand totals points higher than that of the bank. However, you lose if your hand goes beyond 21 points. To be precise, Vegas Strip Blackjack pays 3 to 2 in case of blackjack, and insurance pays 2 to 1. Also, it is possible to double only on your first 2 cards, and after a split.

The BlackJack Switch

Just like the previous versions, Blackjack Switch takes place in the same way as a standard blackjack game. Except that here, there are big differences that will make the game even more exciting. The first important point, you can play with two hands at once. Depending on the course of the game, you have the possibility to swap some of your cards between your two hands, to increase your chances of winning the game.

For example, if in one of your hands you have a 10 and a 5, and the other hand has a 10 and a 6, you can combine the 10 to form a single hand. That will make a total of 20 points, and we all know how difficult it is to beat such a score.

For the other hand you will associate the 5 and the 6, hoping to draw a card that is worth 10 points (Figure).

In addition to this particularity, it is also said that the dealer does not jump, even if he gets a hand of 22 points. If this happens, there is rather virtual equality with all your hands. However, if you play a natural BlackJack, you win the game.

The advantages of playing BlackJack for real money

We are forced to admit that playing BlackJack for real money is very advantageous. First of all, you find that this card game is quite simple, compared
at games like poker. Becoming an online BlackJack champion is therefore within everyone's reach. You don't need long training sessions to be able to win multi-thousand dollar jackpot.

Also note that the casinos hosting BlackJack offer sign-up bonuses. When you register on the best virtual gambling platforms, they give you free money when you make your first deposit.

The main advantage remains the freedom of movement that BlackJack casinos offer. You can play the game and beat the dealer wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection on your computer, your mobile ( online casino iPad , Android), your tablet (but you must provide funds in your casino account to do this). Finally, you are entitled to all versions of real money BlackJack (classic, European and others). These titles are developed by the best providers of gaming software. They have a high-end graphic quality, and offer more realism for those who play live.

The disadvantages of real money BlackJack

Despite the positive nature of real money BlackJack, there are still some negative points. Before listing them, it should be clarified that you can get rid of them if you play responsibly.

That said, we notice that it is easier to lose than to win at Blackjack. Contrary to what you might think, it is possible to lose a lot of money playing, even if the bets are reduced on the best sites. It very often happens that the dealer wins 4 or 5 consecutive games. This point can be frustrating, and will push you to splurge to try to get your money back.

On the other hand, the wide availability of casinos (which is above all an advantage), can quickly backfire on you. By having access to real money BlackJack 24/7, you risk spending too much time playing it, and perhaps losing your savings.

The methods of transactions on BlackJack casinos

To play BlackJack for real money, you deposit funds into your account, even if you withdraw them after a bet has generated winnings. These transactions would not be possible if online casinos did not accept quality banking methods. These include, among others, operators such as :


  • 🍁 Is it safe to play at a real money BlackJack online casino?
    The platforms of our selection are reliable, you can play them safely.
  • 🍁 Can we play BlackJack for real money?
    Of course, all you have to do is select the right casino, register, make a deposit, and you can start betting on the virtual BlackJack tables.
  • 🍁 What is the minimum mode at BlackJack casino?
    It all depends on the platforms, but usually $10 is more than enough to start playing.
  • 🍁 Will I be able to withdraw my winnings?
    Obviously! Payment methods are available to you to make withdrawals.